International Symposium on Conservation and Utilization of Forest Resources for Sustainable Livelihoods

International Symposium on Conservation and Utilization of Forest Resources for Sustainable Livelihoods: Malaysia 26-29/10/2015

FAO and Forest Departments of various countries have since long been involved in providing livelihood opportunities to forest dwellers and rural households through some direct intervention and also through research and development initiatives. But it is strongly felt that there are many grey areas where still a lot is needed to be done. Further, many good things are happening around the globe in the field of Forests resources particularly NWFP management related issues. There are plenty of success stories regarding sustainable livelihood through Forest resource utilization. V Sivaram Research Foundation and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) will be organizing the Symposium which provides platform and opportunity for researchers, policy makers, managers, professionals from different private sectors in Asia and other regions of the world to exchange and share methodologies, approaches, information on products, market and lessons learnt from Forest resource conservation and development initiatives.
Forests are essential for human survival and well being. They harbour two thirds of all terrestrial animal and plant species. They provide us with food, oxygen, shelter, recreation, and spiritual sustenance, and they are the source for over 5,000 commercially traded products, ranging from pharmaceuticals to timber and clothing. The biodiversity of forests the variety of genes, species, and forest ecosystems underpins these goods and services, and is the basis for long term forest health and stability. Promoting strategies and ways to use forest biodiversity in a sustainable way, and with clear social and economic benefits for the poor, is the purpose of scheduled meeting.


  1. Wildlife Management, Environmental Education and Ecotourism
  2. Forest Biomass and Bioenergy
  3. Forest Products as Food and Medicine
  4. Forest Conservation strategies and Afforestation programmes
  5. Causes and consequences of Deforestation
  6. Climate Change on Biodiversity and Ecosystem
  7. Research and Development in Forest Management


All abstracts should be written in English and submitted on or before July 30, 2015through on-line abstract system. The abstract must be in the Microsoft Word format (paper size: A4). The title of the paper should be 16 pt Times New Roman and the Name and Address must be cantered with 14 pt Times New Roman. The main text should be single-spaced, in 12 pt Times New Roman with Key words at the end. The number of words in the abstract should be maximum 400.
All submissions will be reviewed in terms of quality, impact and relevance to the Conference by subject experts. The notification will be directed to the corresponding author by August 15, 2015.

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