Agro-forestry Field Guide: A Tool for Community Based Environmental Education

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Human existence is inextricably linked to the environment. Throughout the world, people depend on the exploita-tion of natural resources. However, circumstances such as extreme poverty can force individuals to over exploit these resources in order to survive. 
This creates a paradox: To ensure their immediate survival, humans are using natural resources at a rate that jeopardizes their future survival. The very resources upon which human lives depend are being exploited at an unsustainable rate. 
Future unavailability of key resources will lead to further human poverty and to loss of the very natural resource heritage that provides us with life and nurtures our spirits. It is evident that if over exploitation of natural resources persists at the present rate, an environmental crisis will lead directly to a human crisis.
This training guide equips the extension officer with a comprehensive set of tools to train others in agroforestry practices. 
The book helps extension officers to work with communities in action-oriented environmental education programmes and provides communities with the skills required for practicing livelihoods that have a benign, or ideally, a beneficial, impact on the natural world. 
The guide has three sections:
I. The Tree Nursery;
II. Agroforestry Technologies; and
III. Agroforestry Species.
Technical information with easy to understand illustrations and photos on how to establish agroforestry systems that contribute to the livelihoods of communities living in and around protected forest areas while conserving natural resources are provided in these sections.
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